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Basic Riding Program (Theory)

Consists of 8 hrs in a classroom discussing and learning about Gear, Rules of the road, Special conditions, How to operate motorcycle controls, Reading and dealing with hazards produced by intersections all lessons culminate in understanding what SIPDE is and how to apply it. Our classroom usually starts at 500 pm on the Wed and Thursday and finish about 9 PM. We are currently using a classroom at CFB Naden. The Practical Training is 12 hours in a closed parking lot. Parking lot 10 off Gordon Head rd near Cedar hill X road at UVIC. Lot 10 is where you will learn how to pre ride check your machine, then operate your motorcycle’s controls, learn to ride and maneuver at slow speeds and learn emergency skills and techniques. All skills culminate in preparing the student for successful completion of the motorcycle skills assessment at an ICBC testing facility.